Local, Specialized, Reliable

Evergreen Plant Company is a Miami-based plant wholesaler working in close partnership with over 35 local nurseries to ensure all plants are expertly picked for your stores' needs.

Our Promise To You

We commit to offering you the highest level of quality from product selection to delivery.

Direct from the Farm

By choosing the top varieties before shipping we are able to control the process from shipping to sale. We have the flexibility of creating customized boxes according to your needs.

Trust & Undestanding

We believe relationships are built on this. We strive to know your business needs  to align our goals with yours. We believe  growth can only come through nourishment of this partnership.

Our Capabilities

We carry a full line of proven premium products to run your everyday and holiday programs
Product Dependability
& Consistency
One Stop for
All Your Plant Needs
Distribution Consistency
& Reliability
Fresher Product
Less Shrink

Ready for the next step?

Browse through our product line or contact us to so we can craft a solution perfect for your stores.